What does Jason hope jawa do for a living ?

Many quite wonder how on earth did Jason hope jawa come into being in a movie like Star Wars. Purely on account of the fancy of the director of the movie and if you can say creativity the role has come into existence. It is a great risk which paid dividends and continues to do so. Of all the clans from outer space and that too from the desert planet it sure is a chance the director has taken. No one in the clan believes in a bath and hence they just do not like the idea in the least. Simply because they do not want to get scorched in the heat of the desert and keep them from sweating they adhere to this tradition of not bathing. They pour some liquid on themselves over their clothes just to keep them cool and not sweat. The combination of not bathing and wearing the clothes for as long as they last with just wetting them leaves a bad odor even as they are miles away.

Jason hope jawa like his forefathers keeps collecting all the scrap metal which is scattered over the whole desert after the vigorous battles the forefathers fought. They try selling them off to someone who is relatively a globe trotter. Primarily Jason hope jawa has been a scavenger from the very beginning and continues to be so. The jawa community as such is somewhere similar to rodents in the sense of the word and they are proud of doing what they do in life for a living. With a language which is only understood by the community and none others for its uniqueness in using the same word for different things at different times they are special and like to be that way.